2018 Guests and Exhibitors

2018 Guests


Paul St. Peter

Paul St. Peter, twice nominated for BTVA Awards, is a voice actor from Los Angeles, whose many anime and video game credits include KINGDOM HEARTS (Xemnas), NARUTO (Nine Tail Fox), ONE PUNCH MAN (Beast King), DIGIMON (Wormmon, Leomon), ROBOTECH (Zor Prime), BLEACH (Yammy Riyalgo), WORLD OF WARCRAFT (Boden The Imposing), DYNASTY WARRIORS I-IV (Yuan Shao), DIGIMON: THE MOVIE (Kokomon), ZETMAN (Sugito), MAJIN (Majin), TESTIMONY OF THE NEW SHE DEVIL (Valga), BERSERK (Grunbeld), and RESIDENT EVIL 5 (Swahili Zombie). Paul does comical voices too, from WORMMON (Digimon Warriors) to PUNCH (Cowboy Bebop). Among his other game, anime, and feature anime credits are GURREN LAGAAN (Jorgun), THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO, (Mondego), MONSTER (Dr. Reichwein), PAPRIKA (Konakawa), LUPIN III: THE SECRET OF MAMO (Mamo), DURARARA (Higa), X-COM (Dr. Heinrich), BATTLE B-DAMON (Armada), DIABLO III (Demented Spirit), and DEFIANCE (Burgess). Paul’s voice can also be heard on such titles as MONSTER STRIKE (Death Panda), DRAKENGARD III (Michael The Dragon), JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURES (Wamuu, Dire, Jack The Ripper), NARUTO 7: ULTIMATE NINJA STORM (Kurama), THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS (Armor Giant), AJIN (Hirasawa), HEARTHSTONE (Igneous Giant), KILLER (Colonel Derick) YS VIII: LACRIMOSA OF DANA (Sahad), ACE COMBAT 7 (various roles), GUNDAM: IRON BLOODED ORPHANS (McMurdo), DRAGON BALL SUPER (Sorbet), HUNTER HUNTER (Razor), and GODEATER II (various roles).


Catherine West

Starting her programming journey on a TI-86 calculator, Catherine coded her way to a job at Chucklefish in London as Technical lead and was the lead programmer of Starbound.

The indie game is an intergalactic journey through a vast procedurally generated universe. The player must traverse the stars in their space shuttle while beaming down to planets on various quests to collect items, fight enemies, and explore the wide open world.


Sean Chiplock

A professional voice-over artist currently living in Lomita, California. An avid fan of video games since his early childhood, Sean was already ‘dubbing’ over the voiceless games of the 90s and early 00s well before he understood that there was an entire industry dedicated to exactly that job! Throughout his college curriculum in Michigan, Sean was already beginning his freelance career and studying up on the ‘knowhow’ of the industry alongside his Honors classes; in fact, he participated in Anime Expo’s “AX Idol” VO competition in 2009, becoming the first male (and youngest competitor) to win the Grand Prize since their inception in 2003.

Immediately upon graduation, Sean set out to California to pursue the career more seriously, and in the 4 years he’s been living there his portfolio has already shown impressive results. Examples of his recent roles include lead role REAN SCHWARZER in Trails of Cold Steel (part of XSEED’s most well-known franchise), RASH THE BATTLETOAD in Killer Instinct, CASSIM in Magi: Labyrinth of Magic, and KIYOTAKA ISHIMARU in the immensely popular game series DanganRonpa. Other roles have included DIABEL (Sword Art Online), SPADE/DAIL (Freedom Planet), Zenke (Fairy Fencer F), and Ozma/Gruda/Leo (Ys: Memories of Celceta). And that’s just the stuff he’s currently allowed to talk about! Sean is also an active gamer, both casual and competitive; he boasts a ranking as one of the top-placing Megaman users in “Super Smash Bros. for WiiU/3DS”, and between his PC/Vita/3DS and major consoles has experienced a wide range of the very types of games he hopes to continue voicing for.
● IMDB http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5168315/
● TWITTER https://twitter.com/sonicmega
● WEBSITE http://www.seanchiplock.com/

Jay from The Game Chasers!

Jay makes up half of the dynamic game collecting team known as The Game Chasers (https://bit.ly/1OvayxE). Their mission: to scour the land far and wide to uncover gaming treasures of old. Whether it be gaming stores, flea markets, thrift stores, or even peoples attics, they search out retro games and have a blast while doing it. In 2011 they decided to put their adventures on YouTube and became an instant hit.







Alice Infinity Cosplay

Alice is an Award-Winning Cosplayer, Host, Gamer, Artist, Cosplay Shop Reviewer, Photographer and an Internationally Published Cosplay Model based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Alice began cosplaying in 2011 and began cosplay modeling in 2012. In 2014 she was discovered by Emerald Coast Cosplay and shortly after became an Emerald Coast Cosplay Idol. She has been published in Gaming, Cosplay, and Online magazines. She is also the founder of a cosplay positive group Legends of Wonderland
Visit h
er website at: http://www.aliceinfinitycosplay.com/ 
Or follow her page: Alice Infinity Cosplay or on Instagram




Little Red Fox Cosplay

Little Red Fox Cosplay is an accomplished seamstress and costumer from Mobile, AL. Red grew up backstage at local ballets and theater companies and spent her childhood assisting in the creation and repair of all kinds of costumes and props. Her expertise in sewing and working with a wide variety of crafting materials, as well as her keen eye and attention to detail, keep her in demand as a cosplay competition judge. Known for innovative designs and use of materials, she is always looking for projects that will challenge both her skill level and her artistry. She believes that cosplay is about having fun and being whoever or whatever you want to be, and she always remembers to put the “play” in cosplay.

In addition to convention and event appearances, Red also maintains Causeplay Gulf Coast, a group of talented cosplayers and builders who volunteer their time at charitable and community events, portraying favorite characters from comics, television, movies, anime, and gaming, and entertaining the crowds. Their interactions with fans helps bring attention to worthy causes while providing a little something extra to the event.

When not cosplaying, Red can often be found at her sewing table at home, listening to audio books and working on the next project, or playing video games and annoying her dog, Lily. She also enjoys board games and cooking, and is addicted to all things Harry Potter. You can see more of her work at www.facebook.com/littleredfoxcosplay and www.instagram.com/littleredfoxcosplay



Aaron Stapish (Pixel Game Squad/TheNESPursuit) and NESComplex (Chris Woodside)

Aaron has been in the video game collecting scene for years. He started back on youtube in 2014 and has been apart of 3 channels all revolving around the world of retro gaming and it’s importance. Aaron saw great success in a show called TheNESPursuit and has recently brought the show back to great reception from the retro gaming community. He runs a channel called Pixel Game Squad where he can now upload quality content every few days while keeping the passion for retro alive.

NESComplex is the writer, editor, and host of the YouTube retro gaming series’ “Is it fun?”, “Nintendo Power Time Machine”, “Review and Retrospective” and heaps of other dry-witted, quirky videos about the golden age of gaming. If you see him at the show (and he’s 6’4” so you will) be sure to say “Astyanaaax”, “You’re finally gonna play my game?”, “You don’t have any games” or any other random show quote he’s heard at conventions. He’d love to meet you!

Pixel Game Squad:



Foam-Smeef is a Northwest Florida transplant turned cosplayer. Accidentally falling into cosplay in 2015 as a dare, he ended up falling in love with creation aspect of the art form and has since won several awards and made a name for himself in the cosplay community. His passion has taken him all over the U.S. to study and learn from other cosplayers and costume makers to hone his skills in the craft. He has opened a creative space/ costume school (The Foam Forge) in Pensacola that will serve as the perfect destination for costumers and creators to work on their projects, learn new skills, and master their trades!

You can find him on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/Foamsmeef/or more about his creative space at https://www.foamforgecreative.com/

Rikativity / Rainy Day Mermaid
Rika is a nerd/pop culture artist and cosplayer based out of the Florida Panhandle.
Starting as a casual cosplayer, Rika became friends with some of the most talented cosplayers and photographers in the southeast after moving to Florida in 2013. With their inspiration and support, her cosplay portfolio expanded dramatically, which led to winning multiple local awards and making appearances at conventions along the Gulf Coast.
The creative and skill-building nature of cosplay reawakened Rika’s life-long love of illustration and painting. She uses her art and cosplay to express her passion for the stories and characters she loves, and most importantly, connect to fellow fans who love them too.
When not cosplaying or drawing, Rika enjoys tabletop gaming, international foods, and all things Disney.
You can view her cosplay work on Facebook and Instagram Rikativity, and her artistic journey at Rainy Day Mermaid. Rika is also the co-founder of Legends of Wonderland, a cosplay group dedicated to spreading positivity through all forms of cosplay.





Kimberly Davis

Kimberly Davis, Owner of Party Posse Entertainment / Glitterbug the Clown!!! Come catch her panel on air brush techniques and body painting! Sometimes the Universe places us on a path we didn’t know exists by putting us around creative people at the right place and the right time. This is the case for artist and entertainer, Kimberly Davis.During college, Kim worked in a clown company and performed face painting, magic shows, and balloon twisting at birthday parties for kids. After graduation at UGA, she continued clowning as Glitterbug the Clown. Later, her business expanded to the Party Posse, and she currently trains and books out all kinds of entertainers for private and corporate events offering: face & body painting, special effects makeup, magic shows, balloon twisting & sculptures, airbrush tattoos, henna art, aerials/ circus arts, and stilt walking. Attending nationwide face painting conventions introduced her to the world of Body Painting. Kim has trained with many body painters, airbrush, and special effects artists from all over the world. She has collaborated, and competed with many of the top body painting artists in competitions across the United States and abroad. She has competed in the most prestigious competition, the World Body Painting Festival (WBF) in Austria, 3 times. In 2014, she assisted Alex Hanson in the Full Body Airbrush category and won first place. In 2015 and 2016, she assisted Brittney Pelloquin in the Full Body Brush & Sponge category and placed in the top 10. Entertaining, Body Art, and Costuming has become a rewarding career for Kimberly. She loves working with the models, photographers, and combining forces with other
creative people to make art out of life.


Austin McKinley from The New 8-bit Heroes and NESMaker

Austin is an Illustrator, Designer, Author, and all-around Swiss Army Knife of Artistic Possibilities. In recent years he has joined forces with Joe Granato to form The New 8-bit Heroes, where they have set out to do what many have dreamed of since childhood, create their very own Nintendo game! Along the way they documented the whole process and made a fantastic film, as well as developed a tool called NESMaker to help others create brand new games for the NES without any experience at all! Austin will be showing off NESMaker all weekend in the gaming hall, where you can sit down and create your very own NES game, as well as doing a panel on sprite art!






Fireteam Poseidon

Fireteam Poseidon is a group of 405th members based along the Gulf Coast. Their mission is to promote the development of artistic skill and the honing of artistic talent through the creation of Halo® costumes and props. They accomplish this by providing makers and cosplayers a global community in which they can share their knowledge and experience, which in turn nurtures and sustains their passion for the Halo® universe. The team strives to represent the community and organization in a positive light through charity work. Specifically raising money for Operation Supply Drop (weareosd.org) a veteran charity that works with game publishers, developers, and private donors to send digital entertainment to service members downrange. Additionally, they provide numerous programs to help with reintegration and job searching once members are back home.




Drexl Clan

Drexl Clan is a group of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club based along the gulf coast. The Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club is an international Star Wars costuming organization dedicated to celebrating the STAR WARS™ universe through the creation, display, and wearing of quality character costumes that represent the Mandalorian characters and culture from the Star Wars sagas. The MMCC promotes interest in Star Wars and facilitates the use of these costumes for Star Wars related events as well as contributing to the local community through

costumed charity and volunteer work.






Glass Heart

Glass Heart is an idol style singer based out of the Emerald Coast. Her energetic and humorous performances feature original songs, as well as covers of beloved anime and video game music. Glass Heart will be hosting a panel and giving a concert on Saturday at ECC 2018!






Vault105 is Northwest Florida’s premiere Fallout costuming group. Expressing their love for the post-apocalyptic wastelands of Fallout, this group of volunteer costumers dedicates themselves to bringing Fallout from the screen to the real world. They seek to promote interest in Fallout’s vast array of settings, characters, costumes and props and build a community of like-minded fans and builders, of all skill levels, in Northwest Florida.

Vault 105 offers Northwest Florida a bigger, brighter future, underground!



Parjai Squad, 501st Legion and Ra Kura Base, Rebel Legion

The 501st Legion and the Rebel Legion are international STAR WARS™ costuming organizations  dedicated to celebrating the STAR WARS universe through the creation, display, and wearing of quality character costumes that represent characters from the STAR WARS sagas. The Legions promote interest in STAR WARS and facilitates the use of these costumes for STAR WARS-related events as well as contributes to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work.



Hyrule Winds

Hyrule Winds is a woodwind quintet based in South Florida specializing in music from your favorite video games.  Founder, flutist/oboist, and principal arranger William “Billy” Beamsderfer, a native of Maryland, first began playing video games with his dad at the age of three.  Soon, it became a midnight tradition.

In school, Billy discovered his passion for music, learning first the flute, then oboe and tuba.  He honed his skills performing classical music, holding principal positions in All-State Band, Broward Symphony Orchestra, and New Directions Chamber Winds.  Though he enjoyed classical music, he always felt like something was missing.  Then, just by chance, he came across a video game concert on YouTube.  Hearing his favorite music performed live gave him an “aha!” moment.  He realized he could combine his musical training with a lifelong love of video games into a unique niche.  Not long after that, Hyrule Winds was born. Featuring music from Super Mario Brothers, Halo, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, and Undertale, Hyrule Winds Videogames Retrospective will take you on a memorable journey through your favorite worlds.  But it doesn’t end there.  In his spare time, Billy is constantly working on new musical arrangements for the quintet, including a melody from Kingdom Hearts – and Billy’s favorite series, Sonic the Hedehog. Coming from all walks of life, Hyrule Winds’ members share a passion for music.  Vivien (flutist/arranger) is a music educator with an active private studio.  Ronnie (guest clarinetist) loves traveling as a flight attendant with JetBlue.  Mike (bassoonist), a lawyer by day and rock band guitarist by night, enjoys roller coasters and James Bond movies.  Jimmy (guest French hornist) is a highly sought-after conductor in the tri-county area.  Though they couldn’t join us for this performance, Andrea, clarinetist/saxophonist specializing in pit orchestra performance, and Nicole, French hornist and music educator, are also part of the Hyrule Winds family.



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