2018 Guests and Exhibitors

2018 Guests


Catherine West

Starting her programming journey on a TI-86 calculator, Catherine coded her way to a job at Chucklefish in London as Technical lead and was the lead programmer of Starbound.

The indie game is an intergalactic journey through a vast procedurally generated universe. The player must traverse the stars in their space shuttle while beaming down to planets on various quests to collect items, fight enemies, and explore the wide open world.


Sean Chiplock

A professional voice-over artist currently living in Lomita, California. An avid fan of video games since his early childhood, Sean was already ‘dubbing’ over the voiceless games of the 90s and early 00s well before he understood that there was an entire industry dedicated to exactly that job! Throughout his college curriculum in Michigan, Sean was already beginning his freelance career and studying up on the ‘knowhow’ of the industry alongside his Honors classes; in fact, he participated in Anime Expo’s “AX Idol” VO competition in 2009, becoming the first male (and youngest competitor) to win the Grand Prize since their inception in 2003.

Immediately upon graduation, Sean set out to California to pursue the career more seriously, and in the 4 years he’s been living there his portfolio has already shown impressive results. Examples of his recent roles include lead role REAN SCHWARZER in Trails of Cold Steel (part of XSEED’s most well-known franchise), RASH THE BATTLETOAD in Killer Instinct, CASSIM in Magi: Labyrinth of Magic, and KIYOTAKA ISHIMARU in the immensely popular game series DanganRonpa. Other roles have included DIABEL (Sword Art Online), SPADE/DAIL (Freedom Planet), Zenke (Fairy Fencer F), and Ozma/Gruda/Leo (Ys: Memories of Celceta). And that’s just the stuff he’s currently allowed to talk about! Sean is also an active gamer, both casual and competitive; he boasts a ranking as one of the top-placing Megaman users in “Super Smash Bros. for WiiU/3DS”, and between his PC/Vita/3DS and major consoles has experienced a wide range of the very types of games he hopes to continue voicing for.
● IMDB http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5168315/
● TWITTER https://twitter.com/sonicmega
● WEBSITE http://www.seanchiplock.com/

Jay from The Game Chasers!

Jay makes up half of the dynamic game collecting team known as The Game Chasers (https://bit.ly/1OvayxE). Their mission: to scour the land far and wide to uncover gaming treasures of old. Whether it be gaming stores, flea markets, thrift stores, or even peoples attics, they search out retro games and have a blast while doing it. In 2011 they decided to put their adventures on YouTube and became an instant hit.




Alice is an Award-Winning Cosplayer, Host, Gamer, Artist, Cosplay Shop Reviewer, Photographer and an Internationally Published Cosplay Model based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Alice began cosplaying in 2011 and began cosplay modeling in 2012. In 2014 she was discovered by Emerald Coast Cosplay and shortly after became an Emerald Coast Cosplay Idol. She has been published in Gaming, Cosplay, and Online magazines. She is also the founder of a cosplay positive group Legends of Wonderland
Visit her website at: http://www.aliceinfinitycosplay.com/
Or follow her page: Alice Infinity Cosplay or on Instagram




Chouette Designs 

Chouette Designs is an award-winning cosplayer based out of Northwest Florida and has been making cosplays since 2010. She focuses mostly on the sewing aspect of cosplay and has won several awards for craftsmanship over the years. Chouette loves portraying characters from Star Wars and her favorite video games. When not in cosplay, Chouette is a full-time student who loves spending time with her two rabbits and collecting enamel pins. You can find her on Instagram and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/chouettedesigns/.






Aaron Stapish (Pixel Game Squad/TheNESPursuit) and NESComplex (Chris Woodside)

Aaron has been in the video game collecting scene for years. He started back on youtube in 2014 and has been apart of 3 channels all revolving around the world of retro gaming and it’s importance. Aaron saw great success in a show called TheNESPursuit and has recently brought the show back to great reception from the retro gaming community. He runs a channel called Pixel Game Squad where he can now upload quality content every few days while keeping the passion for retro alive.

NESComplex is the writer, editor, and host of the YouTube retro gaming series’ “Is it fun?”, “Nintendo Power Time Machine”, “Review and Retrospective” and heaps of other dry-witted, quirky videos about the golden age of gaming. If you see him at the show (and he’s 6’4” so you will) be sure to say “Astyanaaax”, “You’re finally gonna play my game?”, “You don’t have any games” or any other random show quote he’s heard at conventions. He’d love to meet you!

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