Cosplay Contests

Emerald Coast Con knows how active the local cosplay community is and the level of entertainment they bring to conventions.

We want to encourage all of our guests to participate in the fun!

Cosplay is Not Consent. Emerald Coast Con does not tolerate harassment of any kind. Please report any harassment to event security and/or staff

Cosplay Rules:

  • Emerald Coast Con reserves the right to deem a costume unacceptable and request the wearer to make modifications or change clothing. Emerald Coast Con is a family friendly event, please dress appropriately. Use common sense when choosing your costume and a good rule of thumb is that a costume should be no less than a standard bikini swimsuit.  
  • Please properly seal your body makeup and be respectful of others while wearing body paints.
  • All Emerald Coast Con attendees should wear proper footwear while attending the convention. Proper foot wear consists of; shoes, boots, sandals, and slippers.  Roller-blades, skates, or Heelys are not permitted.
  • All weapons must be non-working, checked by con staff, and peace bonded. It is upon the attendee to ensure their prop is inspected and approved prior to entering the convention arena! Emerald Coast Con does not allow any functional projectile weapons or projectiles of any kind. Metal weapons are strictly prohibited at Emerald Coast Con. Any permitted weapons must be checked and peace bonded. Do not bring weapons that Emerald Coast Con staff & the police officers cannot tell are fake from approximately ten feet away. Emerald Coast Con has the right to declare any weapon inappropriate and/or dangerous. If your weapon is deemed dangerous you will be asked to remove it from the convention area. Emerald Coast Con also reserves the right to check/process any weapon before or during convention times.

    2018 Costume Contest Sponsor

Adult Costume Contest

Adult Craftsmanship Costume Contest will be accepting 45 Entries and 10 Exhibitors.

If you wish to be eligible for any of our Novice, Journeyman, Masters, Best in Show, or 3 Judges Awards you must sign-up and attend prejudging.

All costume contest registration will be onsite at the registration table in the hotel lobby. 

Costume Contest Sign Up: Saturday, 9:00 am – 3:45 pm/ or until full.

Costume Contest Prejudging: Saturday, 4:00 – 5:45 pm, in Panel Room 3. 

Costume Contest Line Up and Seating: 5:45 – 6:00 pm, in Panel Room 1.

Costume Contest: 6:00 – 7:30 pm, in  Panel Room 1.

 Costume Contest Rules and Guidelines:

  • This is a craftsmanship costume contest. Costumes competing in this event need to be at minimum 70% hand crafted. Costumes do not have to be worn by its creator. Altered pieces are fine as long as a whole the costume meets the minimum requirements. No store bought costumes or commissions.
  • Costumes do not have to be worn by its creator. Costume creators may have a “model” for their costume but the costume creator MUST be present at the pre-judging portion as well as the entire costume contest.
  • All entries must to bring reference material for their costume(s).
  • All costumes must abide by the rules of the convention dress code and weapons policy. Costumes must meet what is considered to be “Family Friendly”. No overt nudity, blood, gore, etc.
  • No pyrotechnics, no powder, no smoke, no seizure inducing strobe lights, no confetti, no stage blood, etc. This is for the safety of the other contestants as well as the audience and our staff. No live steel or weapons.
  • No “horseplay” or other rude behavior. Contestants may be held liable if found to have damaged another contestant’s costume or belongings, or the facility itself. Rude behavior includes both physical and verbal assaults to another individual. See the convention’s harassment policy for more information.
  • Director or Judges retain the right to eliminate any entry based on the taste, danger to audience, building or yourself.


  • Novice: This level is for the beginning costumer. If you have little experience in costuming or have never won a prize in any other costume contest you may enter this level.
  • Journeyman: This level is for intermediate costumers. If you have won a prize, other than best in show, in any costume contest you may enter this level.
  • Master: This level is for advanced costumers. If you have won best in show in any costume contest you may enter this level.
  • Exhibitor: This category is not judged and is simply for people wanting to show their costume on stage. (Max 10 entries)

Judging Criteria for Novice, Journeyman, Masters, Best in Show, or 3 Judges Awards:

  • Craftsmanship 1-10: Quality of the construction of the costume
  • Creativity 1-10: The creative execution of the costume
  • Details 1-5: The amount/ quality of details in the costume
  • Character Likeness 1-5: How well the costume resembles the character/ inspiration


Novice: 1st (Loot bag, Certificate, Stitcher’s Quest $50 gift card and $25 cash) and 2nd (Stitcher’s Quest  $25 gift card, Certificate and loot bag)

Journeyman: 1st (Loot bag, Certificate, Stitcher’s Quest $50 gift card and $25 cash) and 2nd (Stitcher’s Quest  $25 gift card, Certificate and loot bag)

Masters: 1st (Loot bag, Certificate,Cosplay Guest spot at ECC 2019, Stitcher’s Quest $50 gift card and $100 cash) and 2nd (Stitcher’s Quest  $25 gift card, Certificate and loot bag)

3 Judges Awards: (Certificate and loot bag)

Exhibitors (not pre-judged but can still win the following prizes): Crowd Favorite Award (Certificate and loot bag) and Best Stage Presence (Certificate and loot bag)

$5 Stitcher’s Quest gift card to each of the adult participants


Kid’s Costume Contest

Kids up to 15 years old may enter categories by age group. Age groups: 0-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-15

Awards and Prizes: 1st and 2nd in each age group (Certificates and a loot bag)

Every participant gets goodie bag and a $5 Stitcher’s Quest gift card!


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