Live Panel Schedule

*Schedule subject to change


10:15 am 11:15  Alex Chatfield Electronic Arts/Tiburon-Introduction to Game Design-STEM/STEAM and breaking into the industry

11:30-12:30 Joe Granato  on his latest project The New 8-bit Heroes, which is a documentary centered on post market development, especially for the NES.  It follows the frame story of a group of modern creatives building a new *homebrew* NES game based on designs penned by an 8 year old in 1988, and through it examines the process, the community, and serves as a compelling look at the importance of those ambitions we leave in our youth.

12:45-1:45  KHAN Games, Kevin Hanley

2:00 3:00—Gary Schwartz, Actor, Voice Actor on games such as Demoman Team Fortress 2, Guss Tuno Star Wars the Old Republic, Heavy Weapons Guy, and author of The King of Average-SEE BIO

3:15-4:00 Roadrunner Cosplay

4:15-5:00- Professor Shy Guy

5:00 to 6:45 Super Guitar Bros

6:15-7:00- Joe Sullivan, Gaming Museum- Gaming Trivia with prizes!


10:15 am-11:00- Kyle Ballentine-“To Ash: A Game About Death and Acceptance.”  Kyle Ballentine-Kyle Ballentine is a behavioral therapist from California who’s just made a role-playing game for Windows and Mac called ‘To Ash.’

11:15-1:00-Joe Granato 8 Bit Heroes / KHAN Games

1:15-2:00 –Geek Out Studios- livin large cosplay!

2:15-3:00- Jeffrey Wittenhagen, Author of The Complete NES on 90’s Gaming Nostalgia

3:15-4:00- Panhandle Paranormal- The Science Behind Paranormal Investigations, Q&A with the Ghost Hunters

4:15-5:00- Joe Sullivan, The Gaming Museum- Rarest of the Rare Japenese Gaming

5:15-Close -Super Guitar Bros and Professor Shy Guy