Retro Arcade and Video Game Room

Free play to all Emerald Coast Con attendees both days! 

This year we have combined our Retro Arcade and Video Game Room to bring you our biggest and best gaming experience.

Retro Arcade and Video Game Room will be open: Saturday: 9:00 am to 12:30 am and Sunday: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Arcade and Pinball List

Game of Thrones, pinball

Japanese Candy Cab, (various fighters) Arcade

Twister, pinball

F14 Tomcat, pinball

Fire!, pinball

Jet Spin, pinball

Fast Draw, pinball

Spy Hunter, pinball

Centipede, Arcade

Super Hang On, Arcade

Frankenstein, pinball

Terminator 2, pinball

Ice cold Beer, Arcade

Midway Sports Station (Blitz/Hangtime), Arcade

Xybots, Arcade

Arkanoids, Arcade

Crystal Castles, Arcade

Cybernaut, pinball

Cruisin World, Arcade

Xenophobe, Arcade

Gauntlet Legends, Arcade

Primal Rage, Arcade

Ms Pac, Arcade

Donkey Kong Jr., Arcade

More to be added soon!

Console List




Sega Saturn

Nintendo 64




Xbox One


Nintendo Switch

(games / machines subject to change)


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