Geek Out Studio



Geek Out Studio is a small troupe of cos-players that like to do things big: big props, big costumes, and just having a big group to have fun with.


I have been a miniature modeler for 15+ years. Most of that time working with Games-Workshop’s Warhammer 40k miniatures. The past year has seen me branch out into the costume and prop making world with my first debut costume and prop being my wife’s and her friend’s RWBY costume and props.
2014 Blue Angels Scale Model and Miniature Figure Expo
1st place Science Fiction Vehicle by IPMS Pensacola Modelers
Best Fantasy Figure
2 Silver awards by the Panhandle Miniature Figure Society
Best Costume 2016 Costume Bowel
4th Place Cosplay for Charity contest 2016
1st Place Journeyman level Mobicon 2016
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