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Cosplay has found its next big thing with RoadRunner Cosplay.  With hits such as: Dean Winchester, The Green Arrow, and everyone’s favorite Merc with a mournr08th Dapper Deadpool.  When RoadRunner Cosplay steps into character anything can happen.  His goal is to bring a true depiction of people’s favorite characters to life right in front of their eyes.  With his playful antics and outgoing personality there is a no telling who RoadRunner Cosplay will show up to a convention as.  The possiblities are endless with RoadRunner Cosplay, he isn’t just your average cosplayer, he is the future of cosplay.

A Florida native, he fell in love with cosplay by pure chance. After his first convention he was hooked and couldn’t stop doing what he loves.  He has built a cosplay arsenal to a wide range of strong male characters that he uses to inspire and bring joy to kids and adults at local charity and children’s events around the Central Florida Area. Cosplaying is more than a hobby, its a way of life.



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