Tournament Schedules


Tournament Information

Tournaments at 2017 Emerald Coast Con will take place on both days of the event. All signups onsite!

Schedule for Saturday:

Smash 4
Doubles at 2:00pm
Singles at 5:00pm

Doubles at 3:00pm
Singles at 6:00pm

Street Fighter V
At 1:00pm

Marvel VS Capcom
At 3:00pm

Tekken 7
At 5:00pm

Mario Kart 64 11:00am

Contra time trials 12:00pm

Halo 2 1v1 1:00pm

Tetris Score challenge 2:00pm

Sonic Greenhills zone time trials 3:00pm

Top Gun landing challenge 4:00pm

Ken Griffey Jr Home Run Derby 5:00pm

Tony Hawk Pro Skater Score Challenge 6:00pm

Super Bomberman 7:00pm

Twisted metal 8:00pm

Scheduled for Sunday:

Duck Hunt Challenge 10:15am

WCW vs NWO Revenge 1 v 1 11:00am

NBA Jam 12:00pm

NFL Blitz 1:00pm

Combat 2:00pm

Quake 3 Arena 3:00pm

Super Mario Bros speed challenge 4:00pm

Hearthstone Hearth Side Tournament from 1:30 to 3:00pm


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